Photo Gallery
This photo gallery will show people on the 'outside' just how much Charlie is loved and supported by both family and friends alike in
an ongoing united effort to free Charlie NOW from an unjust conviction decades ago! You can clearly see how doing time on the
inside has aged him BUT more importantly how well Charlie has dealt with this life-altering/shattering event. Please see the artist and
author tab for further information on Charlie's AWARD-WINNING accomplishments. Please view these pictures with a discerning eye
especially with respect to Charlie and his adult relatives aging as well as the nieces and nephews growing up in front of Charlie's
eyes. Unfortunately, Charlie's father died with a heavy heart while his son languished in prison.
1980 - Charlie with his mother,
brother Danny and father
1981 - Charlie and Niece Tammy.
Please note how she 'grows up' in
the following pictures
1986 - Charlie with his mother, Niece
Tammy and Aunt Alice
1984 - Charlie with his
brother Danny and his family
1992 - Charlie with his
1999 - Charlie with friends Rick and
Ron, authors of the book 'Doin' Time'.
The pen-and-ink drawing in the book
was done by Charlie!
2004 - Charlie with Darian and
Niece Tammy.
2004 - Charlie with his mother
Charlie - top left in 1962
1968 - King High
School graduation
June 21, 2008 - Charlie with college friend Dan Faulkner from
The University of South Florida where they were students
together in the early 1970's.
"We didn't have any pictures of Charlie, and when we heard
and I took him over there. We asked them if we could have
his picture made, we would pay for it, and they said yes.
Gene combed Charlie's hair. I held him still with my hand,
which is barely visible. The man asked what grade Charlie
was in, joking. First grade? I told him no, but he would be
in a few years. Charlie was one year old when the photo
was taken."
Lucille Norman, Charlie's mother
Charlie and his Aunt
Cherry Walker in 1952.
Charlie was 3 years old.
5th grade
- 1960
9th grade -
10th grade -
Senior class photo -
Charlie and future wife
Chrissy, Senior Prom -
May 1968
photo - 1970
Charlie is on the far right with Chriselle
Charlie's family, May 1971 (L to R):
Floyd Walker (Bebaw) - grandfather,
Lucille Norman - mother, Velva Marie
Walker (Memaw) - grandmother, Eugene
Norman - father, Alice Walker - aunt, and
her ex-husband, Charlie (in front). Sitting
on floor: Dan Norman - brother and Sandy
Norman, Dan's wife
Charlie and Chrissy
Norman, April 1974 in
Thonotosassa, Florida
Charlie, his mom Lucille
and Niece Tammy
Norman, Zephyrills
Correctional Institution -
"We'd just bought that outfit for Charlie. He was
about 4 years old. A woman came around who took
living room of the Clary house, outside Redwater,
Texas where we lived. The cowboy boots hurt
Charlie's feet, and he would cry when he tried to
walk in them. He was smiling for the photo,
Lucille Norman, Charlie's mother
Brother Danny and
Charlie - ages 3 and 7
in Redwater, TX. 1957
Age 4 -
Redwater, TX.
Charlie and Libby at
Charlie and Libby April 2010
Charlie was put into solitary
confinement on a false charge
during Easter 2010.
Against all odds, I have survived over 40 years in captivity. A long, long time ago, when I narrowly
avoided the death penalty for a murder I did not commit, corrupt prosecutor Mark Ober was
quoted as saying, "Norman will never survive a life sentence." Sorry to disappoint you, Mark, but
you were wrong again.

I did not achieve the ripe old age of sixty (sixty one in September) on my own. I have survived this
hell on earth only with the support and intervention of a small army of angels including Gary
Smigiel and Henry Wulf, private investigator Dick Rivett, some great literary folks from "PEN"
and the Anne Frank Center in New York, retired Reverend Bob Anderson and others whose names
they'd probably prefer went unmentioned.

I am a loyal American. Despite being denied some of the unalienable rights guaranteed all
citizens by the Founding Fathers, I love my country and all it stands for. Despite enduring varying
degrees of censorship by prison authorities over the years, and suffering the consequences, with
the help of friends I've been able to exercise my First Amendment rights to freedom of speech
and expression to an extent possibly unparalleled by an American prisoner. Google searches of
Charles Norman, Charlie Norman, Charles P. Norman, and Charles Patrick Norman, reveal over
200,000 listings of my literary works available. People from twenty-eight countries, many states,
most of the Canadian provinces, The Department of Corrections are regular readers of the Free
Charlie Norman Now blog. Truly I am blessed to live in this time.
Charlie on Valentines Day 2-14-10
Charlie's grandfather in 1913
on far left shading his eyes
Christmas 2012 -
Libby and Charlie on 2-10-13 after
release from solitary confinement on
trumped charges. Charlie's head was
shaved prior to solitary.
Charlie's Mom Lucille
and Phil visiting on
Oct. 19, 2013
MAY 24, 2014!
Christmas 2014 -
Their FIRST Christmas
as man and wife!